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Separation & Divorce

The Firm will counsel and guide you through the sometimes confusing maze of family law matters, ranging from divorce to child custody, support and visitation.

Separation and Divorce services include a determination of the grounds apply to your case, and the timing of pursuing the different types of divorce to meet your personal objectives.  There are two kinds of divorce in Maryland: absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce terminates the marriage relationship, permits remarriage, and the courts can determine all property issues including dividing pensions and making a monetary award.   If you meet the statutory criteria, you are entitled to an absolute divorce “for cause” even if you have been separated from your spouse for less than one year.  If you don’t have “cause,” you are still entitled to an absolute divorce if you have been separated for one year or longer.

Limited divorces are essentially a judicially decreed legal separation; it does not terminate the marriage, and the court cannot determine all property rights.  The court may make an alimony award in both types of cases.

Legal services include:  drafting separation agreements, representing one spouse in divorce proceedings, filing pleadings, seeking temporary relief (alimony, child support), and conducting trial.  Please call the office if you would like to schedule a Free Phone Consultation.


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