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Child Support & Visitation

Attorney Deidra N. Proctor can guide you through the child custody process explaining the different aspects of custody, and prepare you to present yourself in the best light concerning the important factors the Court considers in making its decision. We also prepare you for court-ordered custody mediation, court ordered custody and visitation evaluations, and assist you in developing an appropriate parenting plan that addresses your parental concerns, including issues that may necessitate visitation restrictions. With years of experience handling and presiding over these matters, we will discuss how best to meet your objectives consistent with your children’s best interests, and will prepare and present your witnesses to the Court.

For clients seeking child support, the firm undertakes an examination and application of the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, which bases child support awards on the parents’ income rather than the children’s expenses.  We can assist with petitioning the Court for modifications of child support obligations, payment of child care expenses, and health insurance coverage.   Our priority is understanding the client’s goals with respect to the receipt of monthly child support obligations.  The Law Office represents both custodial and non-custodial parents.

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