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Law Office of Deidra N. Proctor

Business Litigation

Attorney Deidra N. Proctor represents corporations, limited liability companies and other entities across a broad range of business disputes and civil litigation, from initial consultation through trial and appeal.  The firm is experienced in forming corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. It assists its clients with contract negotiation, shareholders’ agreements, asset purchase or stock purchase agreements and employee agreements.

In the event a business or contractual dispute arises, the law office can assist business owners with attempting to negotiate a resolution.  As expected, all conflicts can not be resolved.  In these instances, the law office can represent you from filing or defending against a lawsuit, discovery, and the conduct of trial.

Having capable, experience legal representation allows business owners to focus on their bottom line, while counsel focuses on settlement or litigation.  You can call the law office for a Free Phone Consultation to evaluate your case.


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