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Deidra N. Proctor, Esq. is a Georgetown Law-educated attorney who has handled multiple $1 million + cases for corporate and litigation clients.  Significant cases include the sale of a local limited liability company for over $2 million; representation of a cross-border developer in a $15 million dispute; and oversight of transactions relating to a multi-million dollar commercial property.  The firm currently accepts cases in the areas of corporate law, family law, and personal injury. Ms. Proctor founded the Law Office over 10 years ago after practicing in the 300-attorney law firm Swidler Berlin Sheriff Friedman located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where Ms. Proctor honed her skills as a Litigation Associate for matters involving high profile and Fortune 500 clients.

The firm creates a case strategy for every client, with an emphasis on results.  For corporate clients, Ms. Proctor ensures compliance and contract enforcement, while leading transactional and litigation matters.  In short, The Law Office of Deidra N. Proctor will attend to your legal needs with care and focus so that you can concentrate on business.

Ms. Proctor’s education and experience are invaluable to assessing client needs, creating winning strategies, and navigating the myriad laws and regulations that govern Maryland cases. Ms. Proctor aggressively advocates for clients – whether with the opposing party, opposing counsel, or insurance companies.

Keep abreast of the  latest developments in your case via the firm’s 24-hour client portal, providing access to your documents, filings, and other case-related data such as  deadlines, appointments, court dates, and conferences.

what we offer

Attorney Proctor has over 10 years of legal experience.  This allows for efficient work on your case without an unnecessary expenditure of time – which means savings for you.
Our 24-hour internet-accessible client portal gives you convenient and accurate information regarding your case. You can also comment on documents and communicate with counsel right in your console.
The Law Office is conveniently located in Largo, Maryland with plenty of on-site parking.  If you are located in Baltimore, Montgomery or Prince George’s County, Maryland, you will find the office location convenient for meetings and court preparation.

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